How to pick the very best Xbox Wireless Adapter For Wireless Connection to the Network

April 10, 2013
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Xbox Wireless adapters are employed to connect the Xbox console wirelessly for the existing network (that’s attached to the broadband internet) to permit you play games online from the comfort of your lounge without the hassle of running the network cable.

Wireless network in home based provides the easiness and portability. For gamers, obtaining the wireless network in home is really a much benefits. Together with your Xbox console, you can find a convenience place to experience online gaming minus the clutter from the wires. How may you accomplish that? You will need an interface that permits you to hook up to the existing network via the radio frequency band. Xbox wireless adapter will function as bridge that will permit the Xbox console to talk with the network through airwave and then hook up to the wild internet.

Identify Your Existing Wireless Standard

One of the main reasons you build a wireless network in home would be to share the high speed broadband experience of many computers or any other network clients like the Xbox in the household. Now, which Xbox wireless adapter will fit on your existing network? Will need to identify your network environment which wireless standard it is: 802.11 b/g/n or dual band. Dual-band frequency might be wireless G/A (802.11a/g) or wireless N/A (802.11a/n) network standards.

Knowing which standard your overall network is, certainly you need the adapter with similar standard since your network. As an example, the use of the wireless -G router on your network, its also wise to need wireless -G adapter for your Xbox. However that statement doesn’t always true. Basically you’ll be able to connect wireless -N adapter for the existing wireless -G network. But, you’ll want to identify if the adapter is labeled while using Wi-Fi Certified. While using Wi-Fi Certified labeled, the adapter is assured being appropriate for the standards as described inside the labeled (wireless b/g/n).

Should y0u choose the adapter in the same vendor as the router? Wi-Fi Certified labeled assures that how the adapter will be works with any industrial wireless devices. You can also identify the manufacturer specification when the adapter props up Xbox console. This is the principle in the Xbox wireless adapter can be a wireless bridge. You need to use any kinds of wireless bridges because wireless game adapter with Ethernet port enable to get in touch to the existing wireless network.

Future Upgrade

Probably your overall wireless b/g network is just not satisfactory for daily tasks that demand higher speed, reliable connection and longer distance coverage, and you plan for future upgrade with all the new wireless technology on the market – the wireless n with dual-band network. You will need the Xbox wireless adapter which is run by the most up-to-date technology obtainable in industry today: the 802.11n standard with dual-band feature. With the adapter that sports ths draft 802.11n and dual-band technology, you’ll get the maximum throughput when connecting for the strongest wireless router that supports draft 802.11n, dual-band, and QoS.

Wireless -G Adapter

If the existing network uses the router with 802.11 b/g standard, and you’ll never insurance policy for future upgrade to 802.11n dual-band, then you need to find the Xbox wireless adapter with 802.11g standard. The adapter with 802.11G standard will be less than 802.11N.

Microsoft introduces 2 types Xbox adapters with 802.11G standards, one supports dual-band (wireless -G/A) along with the other one is 802.11G adapter that supports all the wireless b/g/n networks.

D-Link also introduces DWL-G820 and DGL-3420 which can be run by 802.11G standards, but the DGL-3420 can be a dual-band (wireless -g/a) version with the maximum increase to 108Mbps in ideal condition.

Wireless -N adapter

For Xbox wireless adapter with 802.11n standard, Microsoft also introduces the wireless -n version with dual-band features. The adapter is for compact and high performance and is powered by Xbox 360 system to eliminate adapter clutter. TrendNet also introduces TEW-647GA gaming adapter which is also run by wireless -n standard. Linksys also introduces WET610n Linksys Gaming Adapter that is run by wireless -n with dual-band feature too.

If the price different among Xbox wireless adapter items are not much big different, having the wireless -n with dual-band technology would be much benefit. Should your current wireless network is dependant on wireless -n router with dual band, the throughput would be optimum. Yet, if your current wireless network is founded on wireless -g router, keep your wireless -n adapter is backward appropriate for wireless -g standard.

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