Associate Degrees With higher Starting Salaries And Room For even more Education

April 24, 2013
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As general wisdom goes, the harder education one has, the more he / she might anticipate to earn. For the most part, as an example, a higher or university graduate with a bachelor’s degree might expect to earn more than the graduate with the associate’s degree, the graduate using a master’s degree more than the graduate with a bachelor’s degree and so forth.

You can find exceptions, however, and they have to accomplish partly using the occupation along with the individual. The usa Bls implies that students with associate’s degrees who go on to are dental hygienists, nuclear technicians, computer specialists, designers and radiation therapists typically earn between $62,600 to $68,600 annually. A social worker with a bachelor’s degree, alternatively, might earn $45,000 a year despite Fifteen years of experience, shows.

Some wondered for a while also whether the form of university – Ivy league institutions that often be more pricey, for example – produce higher paid graduates. A survey published in the Ny Times in 2009 suggested that graduates of engineering schools were paid the greatest starting salaries, while Ivy League graduates earned more at mid-career. College and university majors designed a difference: People that earned engineering, economics, science and math degrees earned a number of the top 20 highest paid starting and mid-career median salaries, the survey showed. In Florida, vocational school graduates with associate’s degrees were also found to earn higher entry-level salaries than those who obtained bachelor’s degrees from private and non-private universites and colleges.

The Miami Herald and also the St. Petersburg Times on Jan. 4 didn’t select individual institutions but showed that, generally, students graduating with bachelor’s degrees from Florida’s private and public universities in ’09 were provided average starting salaries respectively of $36,552 and $44,558 annually compared with the $47,708 that students graduating with associate’s degrees in science from vocational schools earned. Students with bachelor’s degrees as time passes, however, might expect to earn more depending on their prospect of advancements at work, this content noted.

At least one expert from the Herald and St. Petersburg Times suggested that vocational schools usually train students for in-demand careers in areas such as nursing, dental assisting and auto collision repair. “Green collar” jobs are likewise said to be experiencing increased demand. In Toledo, a school in addition to a college are offering associate’s degrees in renewable power, as outlined by a Jan. 18 report in Toledo on the go. The associate’s degree programs would train students in developing, installing and alternative energy systems, the Toledo on the road article noted.

In Worcester County, Mass., community colleges might see increased enrollment on account of new sheriff’s department hiring policies. The News Telegram on Jan. 20 reported on a new requirement that sheriff’s department employees either have associate’s degrees or 2 yrs practical experience from the military. The county sheriff centered some of his new hiring policies on the ones that other sheriff’s departments within the state currently have in place, good news Telegram noted.

Many two-year colleges will also be collaborating often with four-year institutions inside their area. The Orlando Business Journal on Jan. 19 noted which a two-year associate’s degree in architecture was part of a whole new partnership that took students onto bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture at a university in Florida. Students in Pennsylvania who get an associate’s degree from vocational schools in the area have the ability to apply their academic credits toward fulfilling Allentown college’s general education requirements when they join the institution’s School of Adult and Graduate Education, according to a Jan. 20 article in The Morning Call. In Tennessee, a community college plus a technical university have established a “dual admissions” program partnership where students can be obtained a more structured way of completing an associate’s degree on the vocational school and trying a bachelor’s degree program with the technical university, a Jan. 19 article on noted.

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