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Sales Keywords – Hunting Keywords For the Sales Resume

March 20, 2013
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Sales keywords, strategically positioned on your sales resume, can make or break your job search. Keywords include the buzzwords and industry jargon that tell database screening software that you just could be the right candidate for the task. Those are the words employers are searching for to determine which a candidate carries a background suitable for a specific opening.

In case you are in sales if you want your resume to result in invitations for interviews, you need to know what particular keywords are highly relevant to your circumstances. Where visualizing those critical keywords on your sales resume?

Look First With the Job Description

Just seen a billboard or online posting for any position opening in sales that seems appealing? If you do, you’ve also found the perfect location to seek out relevant keywords for the sales resume. Most advertisements can place not simply the required the job, nevertheless they will point with a wish report on qualifications and characteristics the company want to see in candidates. The critical keywords are there for the picking – and they are already optimized for the position.

Sales Keywords – Real-world Examples

For instance, when i write these words I’m looking at the corporate website for your Kenmore Company. I initiated a job search on their “career page,” or higher popped a dent for a Sales Executive – CDS Sales. Reading under the category Desired Characteristics, I ran across these (excerpts through the website, with my underlining of important keywords):

- A minimum of 6 many years of healthcare enterprise or corporate selling / business development experience of integrated solutions (IT, data, content/programming, education, marketing).

- Robust interpersonal skills, with proof teamwork and collaboration.

- Solid process orientation, demonstrated resource management and allocation experience, as well as the capability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

- Familiar with relationship management with CXOs, brand teams, medical affairs officers, product team leaders and department heads.

- Knowledge of pharmaceutical marketing, healthcare communications, compliance in ACCME, DDMAC, HIPAA, OIG.

If you decide to apply online to GE with this job, your resume would be scanned by software looking especially for these keywords. If your resume lacks most, some or many of these sales keywords, you are with a competitive disadvantage – even if you are qualified for that position.

Looking Elsewhere for Sales Keywords

Even if you are not deciding on a certain job opening, you may still use job ads and internet-based postings for keyword ideas to help the visibility of the resume to computer eyes. Think about the following sources to get more ideas…

Read newsletters and trade magazines specialized in your industry or discipline.

Have a discussion with recruiters focusing on your industry or profession.

Consult with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook. You can find a copy at most libraries an internet-based.

Visit online forums and discussion groups that serve your profession or industry.

Heads-Up: Exclusively use Keywords In your Resume Which might be Applicable

Prior to placing any keyword in your resume, take the time to make certain you’re more comfortable with the phrase, understanding that your knowledge of that term is applicable. Always assume the worst: in such cases, you are asked pointedly to expand on almost any technical jargon you embed in your resume. Be comfy with one of these keywords, this jargon, or don’t use them.

You don’t want to stand there dumbfounded in a interview because you can’t define matrix management – however the keyword is woven throughout your resume.

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